How Phone Lockers Revolutionize Music Festivals

Here are a few reasons how phone lockers make music festivals better

Music Festivals are weekend long events that welcome thousands of people to enjoy great music, local art, and a community of likeminded people. Festivals are usually held in fields where there is little to no shelter, let alone outlets. Therefore, as the days go on and the music plays, people’s phones will die. Between using phones to take videos, call friends, and search for set times, batteries don’t stand a chance against the hustle and bustle of fests.

Luckily, in recent years, music festivals have increasingly been leaning towards setting up multiple phone charging stations around the festival grounds. JackedIn Power understands the necessity of having a device that charges multiple phones at once and we give our support the festivals that choose to take this initiative. Here are a few reasons how a multi port charging station could make the festival experience much more memorable and much less stressful:

Document experience

Digital cameras have become obsolete in the face of smartphones and most music festivals don’t allow people to take in high definition cameras into the grounds. People document their experience via their phones with pictures and videos. Sure, nothing is quite as bad as standing behind a person who can’t seem to put down their phone. However, having the opportunity to take pictures of you and your friends as well as memorable videos of your all time favorite band is a must. Unfortunately, phone batteries can’t last the length of even a day at a festival, meaning people lose access to their camera. A mobile charging station set up gives people an easy opportunity to charge their phones and document special moments!

Timing the Sets

Similar to how digital cameras died upon introduction of the smartphone, the use of watches dwindled. That being said, most festival goers are going to be relying on their phones for the time so that they know when to get to the next set. A dead phone is useless for trying to determine when you need to leave Mumford & Sons so that you could get a good spot for Major Lazer. A multiple phone charging station is an essential component to helping a music festival run smoothly and giving the people what they want: the tool that allows them to see every artist they’ve always dreamed of seeing.

Keeping Updated

Most modern day music festivals release an app before the advent of the festival that contains set times, updates, and a comprehensive map of the festival grounds. The map shows where the stages, water stations, other important amenities, like the first aid station, are located. This is important because festival grounds are usually huge and difficult to navigate. Having a map at your fingertips makes places easier to find and makes the fest just that much easier to enjoy.

The app also has updates users on cancellations and safety updates, like if there’s a storm in the vicinity. However, you could only use these apps on a charged phone. That’s where a multiple phone charging station comes in handy. A charging locker is the bread if the app is the butter: nobody wants to eat just butter.

Making Friends

Maybe in the olden days, people exchanged contact info by writing phone numbers on each other’s hands. But it’s 2017 now, and people connect via adding each other on Snapchat and on Instagram. Smartphones give people a newfound way of connecting with one another that didn’t exist before. While this might seem “so millennial,” it’s much easier to keep in touch with new friends by liking their photos and sending them Snaps. However, this way of connecting isn’t possible without a charged phone. A multiple phone charging station allows new friends to stay in touch across multiple platforms and maintain friendships across borders and state lines. Friendship and a sense of community is what really makes music festivals special, and allowing people to stay in touch with new friends is especially magical.

Finding Your Group

Did we mention that music festivals are packed with thousands of people all jammed together in a huge field? It’s absolutely important that you stay close to your friends otherwise you can surely lose them in the see of festival attendees. And, if you don’t have a charged phone, you might not be seeing them again for quite some time. A multiple phone charging station is a great way to help people charge their phones and reunite friends for a weekend of fun and dancing!

Thanks for reading today’s post. Multi port charging stations set up at festivals give people a way to find friends, navigate the festivals, and most importantly, keep in touch with great new people. JackedIn Power understands the importance of a charged phone and we want to make sure everyone has that luxury with ease. See you next time!