Keep Athletes' Focus on the Game, Not on Their Phones!

August is coming to an end, school has started, and the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. No, we’re not talking about Christmas—football season is HERE!

At JackedIn Power, we cannot express how excited we are to see those Friday night lights! We welcome the sound of referee whistles, the cheerleaders’ witty chants, the school bands’ struggle to hold a tune, and all of those high school students cheering and yelling! Ahh…music to our ears.

The Real Struggle

One thing we absolutely don’t like to hear is football players complaining to their coaches that they can’t find a place to keep their phones safe. Or even worse—students frantically searching for a phone charger and outlet because they’re down to single digit–percentage of battery. Two of the most frustrating things to worry about being a student in the millennial age. And even more frustrating to be a coach or faculty member to try and gear the team's focus back on the game. Now, because you have made your way to our blog, then you are familiar with the best phone charging station on the market. To recap, JackedIn Power has designed a docking station to equally please students, athletes, coaches, and faculty alike and eliminate the distraction of cellphones.

Power On The Go

Our previous blogs have focused on the need for a designated location to store phones in the classroom, but what about on the field? JackedIn Power has you covered! Our mobile cell phone locker follows your team from practices, home games, and away games. One unit stores up to 20 cell phones, while charging them simultaneously. Teenagers are distracted enough by their schoolwork, who’s dating who, how they’ll convince their parents to extend curfew— coaches now have the strongest solution to keep players’ heads in the game and removing the source of most of their worries.


Kick off the school year—and football season—off right! Shop our phone lockers and customize with your logos and colors to show your school pride!