Stop Student Distractions with Our Cell Phone Charging Station

In today’s modern world, it seems as if everyone is constantly glued to their cell phones. Only around the past decade or so have we been able to access the internet from the touch of a small phone screen. With the advent of social media networks, apps, and the constant stream of emails, people are conditioned to immediately respond every single notification. As a result, people are feeling higher strung and more stressed out because they cannot leave work at the office. It’s not just adults feeling stressed from their phones. According to recent studies, 50 percent of teens feel addicted to their mobile devices.  In fact, over 70 percent of teens feel the need to immediately respond to the alerts on their phones. How is cell phone use affecting students in middle and high school?


If you asked teachers how cell phone usage negatively impacts classrooms, they would most likely tell you that it distracts them from learning. Although students often are not allowed to use their phones during class, many of them do it anyway. Do you remember being a teenager? Sometimes telling a teen what not to do only makes them want to engage in the forbidden activity more. Despite the fact that teens can be difficult, they are human. Even if they are not supposed to use their phones, if they are nearby, they’ll want to check them.

How Do You Take Their Phones Away?

If you are a teacher, you may want nothing more than to snatch a phone out of students’ hands and throw them out the window. As appealing as this solution may be, you know that it’s simply not an option. What if you had a port with multiple cubbies for students to place their phones in that charged their phones? This would make students more willing to give up their phones for the duration of the class.

The JackedIn Power Solution

We’ve created an effective solution to end cell phone distraction in the classroom at Jackedin Power. Featuring 40 small cubbies, this multiple port charging station keeps students’ phones in plain sight while they are charging. By charging phones for your students, you give them an incentive to temporarily relinquish their cell phones. Because the phones are still in plain sight, your students can feel better about not having their phones on hand. Whether your students use iPhones or Androids, this cell phone station can charge all types of phones. All you have to do is plug this unit into one standard power outlet and the phones can start charging. Worth every penny, this durable unit is made out of sturdy 14 gauge steel and can be customized with your school colors or logos.

Are you ready to have more focused and less stressed students? Invest in our JackedIn Multiple Port Charging Station with an Open Front. This multiple phone charging station is sure to improve the quality of learning in your students so that you can focus on being the best teacher that you can be.