Why Charging Lockers are Necessary (I)

Just a Few Reasons Why a Multi Port Charging Station is a Necessary (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to both the JackedIn Blog and the year of 2017. The world has reached a milestone where many are dependent on technology; and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Having a phone that can access the internet not only makes us more efficient, but also makes us much safer. Unfortunately, the battery life on most devices can’t keep up with our pace and far too often, our phones die just when we need them most, which is far from ideal.

That’s where we come in. The quest to find a place to charge your phone isn’t always easy. When you're hiking or camping, you’re out of luck when your phone dies since there’s no such thing as an outlet. Additionally, if you have the luxury of a portable charger, these chargers are usually only designed to charge one phone per charge. Good luck telling the rest of your troop that your phone is the most important. JackedIn Power solved for both the need-for-an-outlet issue as well as the one-phone-per-charge issue by designing our innovative phone locker which essentially serves as a multi port charging station.

For our very first post, we thought we’d chat about some of the instances where a multiple phone charging station could be especially useful. Nobody wants to experience the anxiety of a dead phone. Here are a few reasons why JackedIn Power made something special:


Whether it be a birthday party you threw for your kid, a college rager, or a wedding event, people are going to want to have their phones on them at all times. If you’re throwing an event, the last thing you want to be worried about is people coming up to you and asking for the nearest outlet. Between fretting about people enjoying themselves, and whether or not things are being broken, the last thing that would ever be on your mind is if there are enough outlets for people to charge their phone. Avoid this annoyance from the get go. A mobile charging station that’s visible, can charge multiple phones at once, and is easy to access, can surely make throwing a party just that much easier. Before your next party, be sure to check out some of JackedIn Power’s multi port charging stations.

Community Events

Maybe it’s a fundraiser at a local park or maybe it’s your town's block party. Regardless of the magnanimity and purpose of the event, people are going to have phones and said phones are bound to die. Oftentimes, events tend to become overcrowded and friends become separated. Between people losing the person that they got a ride with or worse, the person who has their wallet in their purse, providing people with a means to charge their phone can make your event both safer and more manageable. People rely on their phones for multiple things and something as simple as a dead phone can lead to a stranded person. A mobile charging station at your event solves for these issues while also being easy to set up and turn on. Can you think of a reason not to have one?  

As you can see, phones are necessary solutions to a lot of simple problems. While these reasons for a multi port charging station were based more on convenience aspects, there are other reasons why having a charged phone at your hands can be something of a lifesaver. Be sure to check back here next week to learn why a multiple phone charging station can be the difference between disaster and a successful time. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you soon!