Why Charging Lockers are Necessary (II)

Just a Few Reasons Why a Multi Port Charging Station is a Necessary (Part 2)

Hey there and welcome back to the JackedIn Power Blog! Last week, we talked about some of the events in which a multiple phone charging station could solve plenty of problems. Between party goers asking for outlets and people at your community event losing their friends and not being able to locate them due to a dead phone, providing attendees with a mechanism that allows them to easily charge their phone can make your event run much more smoothly.

While a dead phone is often only a nuisance, it can sometimes pose a real danger if an event involves alcohol or if people are found in sticky situations. Today, we’re going to chat about some of the reasons why a multi port charging station is not only a device to keep attendees happy, but it’s also one to keep people safe. Here are a few reasons why having a device readily available for people to charge their phones is a must.

Group Vacations

This one is for the people with huge families who organize that one yearly vacation where they attempt to squeeze fifteen to twenty people into a single beach house. While this might not have been much of an issue ten years ago, when family members don’t have their phones, things get out of hand. People never can agree on what activity to do, half of the family doesn’t feel like going to the beach, and let’s not even get started on getting everyone to agree to a dinner restaurant. Phones make family disagreeances easier because they give families a means of communication, which then means organization. Again, phones die. Unfortunately, vacation rentals and hotels aren’t always the most accommodating when it comes to outlets. Something as simple multi port charging station could mean the difference between a sound family get together and years of animosity because someone forgot to mention that they weren’t coming to dinner.

Bars and Restaurants that Serve Alcohol

Bars are a space for fun and good times, but they’re also a space where things tend to get out of hand in the blink of an eye. Any environment where alcohol is served is a place where disaster tends to strike, and while bartenders and security tend to do their best to keep things safe and in order, it’s hard to keep things tame in a super crowded space. Phones help alleviate some of these safety concerns in that they give people an outlet to call their friends, families, or even rides home. Additionally, they also tend to help people feel safer and in more control of themselves. Having a multiple phone charging station in place where people could charge their phones is not only helpful but also a potential life saver.

Concerts and Festivals

Concerts and especially music festivals tend to hold thousands of people in one space. Wandering from your friends from even one second can wreak havoc on what is meant to be a fun event. The anxiety of looking for your friend’s head in a sea of people is less than ideal, and the outcome isn’t always fun. Luckily, phones have the ability to take away some of the stress associated with losing the people you came with. Additionally, like bars, concerts and festivals tend to be an environment where people are heavily intoxicated. Mix someone who isn’t well with a lack of a device to contact their friends and you have the main ingredients for a disaster. A multi phone charging port helps to alleviate some of the dangers that surround concerts and fests by providing attendees with the ability to call and contact whoever they need to.

Libraries and Study Spaces

During midterms and finals at most colleges, students tend to flock to the library or campus study space and remain there all day. Libraries and campus spots are packed with people who are all fighting for outlets to charge their computers. Usually, there aren’t any spots left for people to charge their computers, let alone their phones. However, after hours in the library, phones tend to die. By the time these students are ready to head back home, it’s going to be dark and them not having a phone in case of an emergency isn’t a risk to take. While the chances of something happening are slim, it’s not a chance you want to take, especially if you’re a school. Setting up a multi port charging station can act as a safety mechanism for students.

Phones serve as safety nets across multiple environments and having a dead phone can leave people in tricky situations. If you’re an event organizer and people are relying on you to keep things running smoothly, the least you can do is set up a multiple phone charging station so that people could always have access to friends, rides, and the authorities. Thanks for reading and stay powered with JackedIn Power. See you again soon!