About Us

Your All-in-One Charging Station

We have all been there, in a room full of people, and only one outlet. Worse, a room full of adolescents, who are all fighting for that one outlet. Seeing an all too present problem, we saw an opportunity to develop a solution. And the rest is history.


Knowing that kids and adults alike feel more comfortable when their phone is fully charged, we knew there had to be a way to bridge the gap between cell phone charging and storage. Developing the first of its kind, we take pride in seeing a problem and creating an effective solution, providing teachers and coaches with an easy-to-use multiple phone charging station.


Designed for students and teachers to charge their phones all at the same time, our 40-station docking system allows for easy charging while providing protection and security. You never have to worry about where to plug your phone in again, or where you leave it. Now we are talking! Focused on how to fulfill the needs of today's students and coaches, you can say that we are a little jacked about JackedIn Power. Yeah, we said it, we are pretty darn proud of our product.


Whether you are on the road, at a game, or in class, you can have peace of mind knowing that your phone is safe and fully charged. Kids like it, coaches love it; what more could you ask for? Our portable cell phone locker is changing the way you think about charging — one school at a time.