Classroom Lockers

The Universal Classroom Charging Station

There you are in front of your students, trying to teach them about their midterm topics, advancing their knowledge, and providing them with the foundation for their future… but all they seem to care about is what's trending on Instagram. As a teacher, cell phone usage in the classroom is a realistic problem. Knowing that they are not allowed to use their phones while in classes, we figured, why not give you a simple way to manage the devices? Sounds pretty cool, right? Suddenly, you aren't just any teacher, but the coolest teacher who gives your students a secure place to put their phone during the day.


Why stop there, though? Always one step ahead of the rest, we figured that if you are going to be storing your students’ phones, why not also have them charging at the same time? Yes, you heard that right, security and power, for all phones, at the exact same time.

Bridging the gap between cell phone storage and cell phone charging, we are proud of our one-of-a-kind universal charging station. JackedIn Power offers a 40-unit cell phone locker, making it the best charging station on the market. Join teachers and schools from around the world and alleviate the stress out of battling your students over their cell phone dependency. Shop our products to see which cell phone locker is best suited for your school’s needs!