Customize Your Locker

Perfection — When Personalization and Power Combine



It’s game day. Your team has been practicing for months for the biggest game of the year. Nerves, excitement, anxiety are already in the way of focusing on the game. Don’t let your team become distracted by the overwhelming stress of the perfect place to store the most important item in their young lives - their cell phone. Let alone, over worrying about the 2% of battery remaining that every teen seems to battle on a daily basis.



Sure, the go-to solution is to just leave their cell phone in their bag or in the locker room. But, let’s face it, it’s the 21st Century and cell phones are an easy target for theft and that still doesn’t resolve a very likely dead battery. So — now what? That’s where JackedIn Power comes in! We have designed a practical, yet effective, cell phone storage locker with your students in mind! Combining security with charging capabilities, JackedIn Power makes it easy for coaches and players alike to feel good about the safety of their phones, while their attention is in the game.



Obviously, JackedIn Power has thought of everything and we have not forgotten the importance of school spirit! You can customize your cell phone locker with your school’s colors and logo! Shop our custom charging stations and Order your system today!