Travel Lockers

Traveling With the Best

Whether at the local school or across the state, traveling with your team is always an adventure. Inevitably, someone will forget or misplace their cell phone charger, or worse, lose their cell phone entirely! When traveling with a large group, you should always feel good about the security of your students’ cell phones. Combining both charging capabilities and security, JackedIn Power brings you the convenience of charging as many cell phones as your need, while ensuring security when you are out on the field.


Traveling with our mobile charging station, you never have to worry about where students leave their cell phones and if they at risk of being stolen. As a couch, teacher, or chaperone you, as well, can keep your mind at ease and stay focused on the event you’ve traveled all this way to!


Say goodbye to the days of cell phone disaster, and hello to JackedIn Power.


Contact us to learn more about our custom mobile charging stations and order today!


When you have the power of JackedIn Power, you are the real winner of all your games.